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7 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Plumbing Services in Princeton, NJ

April 14, 2021

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Never ignore the signs you need plumbing services in Princeton, NJ! The longer you ignore leaks, damaged pipes, and other such issues, the more extensive and costly those fixes become. Water leaks also increase the risk of mold g and other secondary damage, which adds to those repair costs!

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While scheduling plumbing services in Princeton, NJ, protects your home and property, many homeowners simply don’t realize when their house needs plumbing repairs. To ensure you keep your home’s plumbing in good condition, check out these 7 telltale signs that you need plumbing services in Princeton, NJ, and call a plumbing contractor here at Princeton Plumbing Pros if you should notice any of these signs of needed repairs.

1. Persistent Clogs – One of the Clear Signs You Need Plumbing Services in Princeton

An occasional toilet or drain clog is not always a sign that it’s time for plumbing services in Princeton, NJ; however, persistent clogs need the attention of a plumber! Cracked plumbing pipes let water drip out, and water is needed to move solid waste through those pipes. When water leaks through damaged pipes, solid waste builds up, and clogs then form.

Plumbing pipes are also installed at a particular angle, to encourage slow water runoff. Pipes installed at a steep angle allow water to drain too quickly, so it doesn’t move solid waste along; pipes installed at no angle can mean standing water and a buildup of solid materials! Whatever the reason for those persistent clogs, a plumber should inspect your home’s pipes and make repairs as needed.

2. Mold Points to Signs You Need Plumbing Services in Princeton, NJ

Homes in tropical or overly humid areas might see mold growth simply due to excessive moisture in the air. However, mold growth behind walls or under floors often indicates damaged pipes and resultant water leaks, which then encourage mold to grow and spread quickly.

If you notice mold growing along walls in your home, don’t simply clean it with bleach or cover it over with paint. Instead, it’s vital that you address the cause of that mold growth, and schedule plumbing services in Princeton, NJ as needed.

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3. Call a Plumber for Sudden Drops in Water Pressure

If damaged pipes and connectors let water leak out before reaching showerheads and taps, you might then notice a drop in water pressure from sinks and showers. In some cases, this can result from a buildup of calcium and other hard water minerals collecting around those faucets and showerheads. If you’ve cleaned them thoroughly and still notice lower water pressure than expected, it’s one of the signs you need plumbing services in Princeton.

4. How Does Your Home’s Water Look, Taste, and Smell?

Damaged sewer pipes and water lines can let in dirt, mud, silt, and other debris, while rusted pipes can mean rusted water! If you notice water that looks gray or brown, or that suddenly tastes and smells a bit “off” or otherwise unappealing, this can signal that it’s time for plumbing services in Princeton, NJ! Even if the pipes are fine but your city water supply isn’t the cleanest, it can be good to install a water softener or filter, to ensure you have fresh, clean water in the home.

5. Standing Water? It’s Time for Plumbing Services in Princeton!

Standing water in the basement is one of the signs you need plumbing services in Princeton. It can be the result of foundation cracks and leaks, and excessive humidity in the home can mean that you need to check the roof vents. However, standing water can also indicate a plumbing leak and the need for plumbing services in Princeton, NJ! Never overlook standing water or simply clean it up and assume the job is done but, as with mold growth and other such issues, ensure you pinpoint the source of that water and schedule plumbing repairs as needed.

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6. Don’t Overlook Noisy Pipes or the Sound of Water Dripping

A home’s plumbing should work quietly, but many homeowners tend to overlook noisy, banging pipes or the sound of water dripping behind walls, perhaps assuming that these sounds are just normal! Banging pipes can mean air bubbles or pipes pulling away from connectors, or developing clogs in the pipes, while dripping sounds behind walls often indicate water leaks. If you notice any such odd sounds from your home’s plumbing, schedule plumbing services in Princeton, NJ, as quickly as possible.

7. How Old Is Your Home’s Plumbing?

As with all other building materials and fixtures in the home, plumbing pipes and connectors will break down over time, leading to water leaks, clogs, and other issues. The longer those pipes are ignored, the more costly your needed repairs!

Rather than waiting for visible water leaks, mold, and other such damage to appear, schedule an inspection for needed plumbing services in Princeton, NJ, every few years, and especially once your residential plumbing system is 7 to 10 years old. This will keep damage to a minimum and ensure your home’s plumbing is always in good repair!

Princeton Plumbing Pros is happy to be your answer to locating plumbers near me to bring this information to our readers. If you notice any of these signs that you need plumbing services in Princeton, NJ, be sure to give us a call. We offer expert services and fast response times for emergency repairs. To find out more, call us at Princeton Plumbing Pros today.

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