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What Does A Water Heater Replacement Cost?

July 30, 2019

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How much does a water heater replacement cost? If you're thinking about upgrading your current water heater, it's likely the first question to come to mind. Perhaps, your old one bit the dust and you're in the market for a newer model? The big concern isn't the style you'll need but rather what is the average water heater replacement cost? This is an excellent question! You should know the answer before heading to the home improvement store.

On average, a water heater replacement cost is between $1000 and $3000. This covers the cost of the water heater itself and your plumber's labor fees. There are different types of water heaters on the market and the varying makes and models will impact your water heater replacement cost, too.

water heater replacement cost

Knowing what to expect when you need a new water heater is half the battle. Having a clear idea of the cost associated with this major home investment helps you adjust your budget accordingly. This article is going to highlight the different water heater replacement costs based on the different types of models available.

Tank Water Heater Replacement Costs

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Tank water heaters are considered to be an older style of system. Don't worry, these heaters still get the job done but they are known for being bulky, producing a limited supply of hot water, and not the greatest for energy conservation. The average cost of a tank water heater replacement is around $1300.  This figure includes the cost of the water heater itself and any labor fees.

Here's a breakdown of water heater replacement costs:

  • Basic tank water heater
  • Permits
  • Installation materials
  • Installation labor by a professional plumber
  • Removal of the old water heater

Tankless Water Heater Replacement Costs

commercial water heater installation

The tankless water heater is a modern take on the older, bulkier models. These water heaters do not store any water inside of them and are about the size of a briefcase. Tankless water heaters are very easy to install. Now, they are a bit pricier than tank water heaters but in the long run, they save you money on your water and electric, or gas bills.

The average cost of a tankless water heater replacement is around $3000. The breakdown of all water heater replacement cost amounts consists of the same details as a tank water heater.

Which one will you choose? Let the team at Princeton Plumbing Pros assist you with your decision.

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