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When the toilet overflows or your basement pipes spring a leak, you want a professional, experienced plumber in Lawrenceville on the scene. Our plumbers are available 24-hours a day for your emergency plumbing needs. We understand that watery disasters don't discriminate between office hours and holidays. Each plumber on our squad has taken the necessary steps to become masters at their craft, which is why they're employed by us.

You can count on our company to send the brightest bulb in the batch to promptly repair your leaky pipes and swear problems. For decades, the Princeton Plumbing Pros have been providing expert services to the local area and plan to continue doing so for the long haul. We only use high-quality gear and materials, practice all recommended safety measures, and offer affordable prices.

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They had replaced the potable water piping my home earlier this past spring due to leaks. I was well pleased of their work, professional experience and hired them to installed a new hot water tank. Again my experience with them hasn't changed! A great group of plumbers and technicians. They will work with you.

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Lawrenceville Plumbers Address All Your Plumbing Needs ASAP!

Plumbing repair in Lawrenceville should be quick and easy to obtain, which is why our company ranks the highest in the land. We understand that dealing with a pipe problem or a flooded kitchen can really put a damper on your life (pardon the pun). Imagine having a family gathering at your home, and the dishwasher decides to start leaking all over the floor without showing signs of stopping!

You can try and remedy the situation yourself and risk making the problem worse, or you can reach for the phone and call us. Our crew has what it takes to tackle life's biggest plumbing problems in the residential and commercial sectors. The tools and equipment that we use are of an advanced nature and, coupled with our knowledge, ensures that the job gets done right the first time.

We offer all forms of plumbing repair, replacement, and new installation, and that includes water heaters and sewer systems.

Are your pipes having a meltdown, and you need help NOW? Then, call us today without delay! Our plumbers are happy to provide you with safe, effective plumbing treatments that you can feel confident about.


Even More Incredible Plumbing Services for Lawrenceville Home & Business Owners

Residential Plumbing

Offering high-quality plumbing services for homeowners! When you require leak detection, hot water heater, and water filtration services, we're the crew to call. Ask us about getting a FREE estimate when you contact our team NOW.

Commercial Plumbing

Are you a business owner in need of prompt plumbing services you can feel good about? Our team of plumbers excels in boiler repair and other issues specific to industrial-sized plumbing systems. We're here to help when you need it.

Water Heater Services

In addition to superior plumbing services, we also offer water heater repair, replacement, and new installation. There's nothing worse than climbing into a cold shower in the morning. Luckily, our technicians have a plan to fix that problem.
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We're dedicated to saving you as much money as we can on your plumbing repair bill. Our company feels that it's necessary to offer customers FREE estimates throughout our service area that hold no obligation to hire us. It's our gift to you.

Strong Experience

Our technicians are fluent in all areas of plumbing, water heaters, and HVAC systems. Over the years, each plumber has gained a unique knowledge of the industry and brings something valuable to the table.

Total Transparency

At Princeton Plumbing Pros, we feel integrity is a non-negotiable quality. When we quote you a price and develop a repair plan, you can count on it being the real deal. You'll never experience hidden fees or red tape with us, guaranteed.
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